ISCAS Conference App

Your feedback is invaluable. Pleave give us your thoughts by completing the short delegate survey via the ISCAS Conference App.

“Surveys” is available from the main navigation area of the Conference4me app. For Android: swipe-able left menu – navigation drawer. For Windows: “Home” screen of the app. iOS: please go to “Other” (right bottom of page and chose “Surveys”).

The Conference4me smartphone app provides you with the most practical way to plan your participation in ISCAS 2014. Browse the complete event programme directly from your phone or tablet and create your very own agenda on the go.

The app is available for Android, Windows Phone and Apple iOS devices. To download the mobile app, please visit or simply type Conference4me in Google Play, Windows Phone Store or iTunes App Store. Alternatively scan the relevant R code below:

 android  ios windows
 Android  iOS  Windows

Once you have downloaded Conference4me, please download the “ISCAS 2014″ conference from the list of the conferences available and you can start using the app straight away.


  • You can easily browse through the various days and sessions. When you click on a session you can see the speaker and time details.
  • Sessions you want to visit can be added to the in-app scheduler with a single click.
  • Click on links in the “paper view” to be able to download the paper from proceedings. You will be redirected to webpage and asked about the username and code handled to you by organisers.
  • Chat during the sessions and talks: Just click on the chat icon (in the session view or paper view) to discuss with others during the sessions or even particular talks
  • Rate your favourite sessions and papers: Click on stars inside session description or papers description to rate on sessions or papers and make your comments
  • Provide organisers with the feedback. The general feedback (“Surveys”) is available from main navigation of Conference4me (for Android: swipe-able left menu – navigation drawer, for Windows: “Home” screen of the app, iOS: please go to “Other” (down the page to the right and chose “Surveys”)