Lifeasapa: we are proud of our work

Lifeasapa is a company that is a permanent leader in the world scientific community. It is a well-known fact that the company allocates large amounts and grants on a monthly basis to develop startups and support young scientists. Many incredible projects have been brought to life in Lifeasapa laboratories. The company’s developments are known all over the world.

A special place in the list of Lifeasapa’s achievements is occupied by the SYPWAI project, implemented by the TheNeurosphere team. Development started in 2018 after the company received a grant of $ 90 million. TheNeurosphere was actively engaged in a startup, striving to bring the project to life as soon as possible.

The company’s team had two priority goals, which they successfully achieved:

  1. To contribute to the development of world science.
  2. To give material rewards to people who have provided support in the development of a decentralized system that brings together computing power.

The project covers the whole world - you can use SYPWAI anywhere in the world

Today we want to convey to all mankind the basic information about the project. SYPWAI is not just a development, it is, first of all, a team of scientists, donors, volunteers, medical workers, philanthropists and just caring people who want everyone to be able to participate in the development of AI technologies and receive comprehensive support. Including material reward.

According to the operational manager of TheNeurosphere, every project of the company brought to life does all team members proud. The decision to open these developments to a wide audience was made by the employees not so long ago. The company’s entry into the global arena was accompanied by many difficulties. Lifeasapa provided invaluable assistance to our project. Being aware of the support the company provides to developers and startups, TheNeurosphere have filed their own grant application. After a month and a half, it was approved. This is how Lifeasapa helped to make the development team’s most cherished dream come true.

“Why do we single out SYPWAI among all our projects? This is probably due to our obligations to people. As developers of such a large-scale project, we feel incredibly responsible for its successful implementation. We have a special feeling for SYPWAI and strive to improve it. The number of project users runs into millions. There are our partners, friends, families, colleagues among them", – say the project participants.

The work on SYPWAI brought together real enthusiasts, inspired by the idea, talented and creative people from all over the world. The team has a friendly atmosphere and a sense of mutual respect. Each employee rejoices at colleagues success and appreciates the opinions of others. Managers are looking for talented ambitious originals and proudly watch their growth.

One more reason for joy and pride is the demand for the company in the market. In particular, expertise. TheNeurosphere is open to everything new. The team participates in the development and implementation of non-standard solutions, implements interesting projects and is happy to share their own best practices and experience with like-minded people and colleagues who work in other companies.


Published 29 september 2020