The Most Engaging Rom-Coms You Can Read

Even if you are not a big fan of "chick lit," you might still read some of these books from time to time. This genre doesn't have a clear definition and is often ignored by "serious" readers. In a general understanding, Chick Lit can be defined as a genre of "romantic comedies in a book form." A blurred line between Chick Lit novels and contemporary romance is hardly visible. Some books are classified as contemporary romance, but they also meet chick lit criteria.

Chick lit books are not considered as a highbrow literary fiction, involving a quirky protagonist, a kind of romance, and an obstacle to be overcome to find a happy ending. Here is a list of Chick Lit that you could find on BookNet:

  • The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

    Thorne's first novel is based on the beloved enemies and lovers trope. Lucy and Josh are assistants who work together and experience a mutual hatred for each other. Things get tense when they start fighting for the same promotion.

  • The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan

    Colgan's whole catalogue of novels is a nice way to spend some time on. They always involve charming locations and quirky characters. This story of a Londoner opening a rolling library in Scotland will most likely be the one you like.

  • Bridget Jones Diary by Helen Fielding

    One of the unique chick lit novels is now viewed as a classic! If you've just watched the movie, you'll find the book more engaging. This is a modern representation of Pride and Prejudice. While reading Bridget Jones, you will recognize every woman at some point of their life. Nice friends, a love triangle, poor attempts to lose weight, and loads of sarcasm are only some of the things you will find in the book.

  • Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

    It's worth mentioning that both the book and the movie are amazing, which is a nice bonus. The main character named Rachel is an average rule-follower and all around good girl. On the night of her 30th birthday, she shows her feelings to her best friend's fiancée. And this is where the story begins.

  • My Favorite Half Night Stand by Christina Lauren

    In this book, Millie and her friends try to explore the world of online dating in order to find partners for an upcoming event. Before they get started though, the main heroine hooks up with one of her guy friends in a mutually agreement as a one-time event! Later on, things get more interesting!

Here are only some Chick lit books you might find interesting. On the Internet, you will find many more interesting options to spend a nice evening with.